Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to my new blog!!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Julie Donner Andersen, and I am the author of a book for wives and girlfriends of widowers, entitled "PAST: Perfect! PRESENT: Tense! Insights From One Woman's Journey as the Wife of a Widower" (sold at, through the publisher, as well as via my website, My website offers an interactive message board to subscribers who wish to communicate with other wives and girlfriends of widowers, as well as widowers who are ready to date again. All are welcome!!

You can also access some of my published articles that are not in my book by clicking to the following:

Feel free to subscribe to a feed for this blog so you won't miss an issue. I welcome any comments or questions you may want to leave via the "comments" hotlink at the end of each blog post. Your question may be answered/used in an upcoming blog post!

The purpose of this blog is simple: As a wife of a widower myself, I want to empower other WOWs (Wives Of Widowers) and GOWs (Girlfriends Of Widowers) by offering comfort, support, encouragement, and validation of your feelings and issues. As well, I want to offer WOWs and GOWs advice and a "game plan" to survive the tough times.

It's not easy "Loving A Widower", but the payoff is great!




  1. Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Woo-hoo! I am your first official follower, but I'm sure that I won't be the last. Thanks for all that you do! ((Hugs!))

  3. You are a wonderful writer, Julie!
    Love Ya!

  4. Hi Julie! Glad to see you are back online! This is a great forum for you and you're doing a fabulous job, as always! Please know you have a loyal following out here . . . its been five plus years as a WOW for me, and it still helps to periodically
    "check in" for a "check-up from the neck up"!Now I can even mentor to others too -- but you are always my first referral! May God continue to bless you!

  5. Where is your message board. I love this blog. It has helped me a lot.

  6. You can access The Official WOW/GOW Message Board by going to my website at, and clicking the corresponding link in the lefthand side menu. Hope to see you there!